Practice Advisory

Practice Advisory

Practice Advisory is an ever-growing collaborative of workforce training programs and service providers of all staff levels who come together quarterly to solve common problems, network, continue workforce strategy alignment, and create connections across Baltimore City.

Working Together 2.0

On January 30, 2019, local workforce practitioners from across Baltimore City participated in the relaunch of Practice Advisory (PA). Fourteen workforce professionals formed the Governance Committee and met for six months to develop a framework that valued creating connections and working together in new ways geared toward collective strategy and better outcomes for a citywide workforce system. This framework gave way to Practice Advisory 2.0. Click here to see Practice Advisory in action; click here to read more!

PA Blog

More Ways than One to Have a Hopeful Future

Contribution by Princess Agha, Program Manager at Central Scholarship and Practice Advisory Member

I had just finished giving a presentation and was speaking with some of the folks who lingered afterwards. There was one young man in particular whose words stood out to me. He said he needed a new job. I asked, “So what happens now? How do we make that happen?” He responded, “All I know is that I’m not going to college. All I want is training.”