Partner Convenings

Partner Convenings

Various workforce partners in Baltimore City are taking the lead to push workforce development forward in different ways.







Practice Advisory

After the One Baltimore for Jobs (1B4J) grant period ended, the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development hired outside consultants to engage workforce development professionals around the city to determine how to structure a Practice Advisory going forward. The new design for Practice Advisory 2.0 will be launched in Winter of 2018-2019.

Racial Equity

Associated Black Charities (ABC) is leading an initiative to advance racial equity in workforce development. This Community of Practice will work together to address the myriad of race-based barriers that prevent training participants from achieving their own employment goals. Comprised of workforce practitioners, program directors/managers, workforce funders, case managers and training providers, this is a working group of colleagues from across organizations who are focused on building our collective capacities and leading the effort to embed a racial equity lens throughout the workforce.

For more information please contact Clair Watson-Minson, Workforce Strategist at

WIOA Partners

As the Operator of the One Stop Career Centers, MOED is convening the workforce development partners present. Some are required by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, and others are engaged for their expertise. Partners include Maryland Job Service, Veterans Services (JVSG), Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, Unemployment Insurance, and Trade Act Programs, the Baltimore City Department of Social Services, Maryland Adult Education, South Baltimore Learning, Strong City,  Baltimore City Community College, Maryland Educational Opportunity Center (MEOC), Department of Labor, Job Corps, Senior Service America, Baltimore Cash Campaign, SEEDCO and Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation.

For more information please contact Brenda Sierra, Assistant Manager Workforce Operations, MOED at

Civic Works

The Good Business Works job quality initiative is a collaboration of stakeholders committed to advancing equitable employment opportunities and quality careers for Baltimore residents. The initiative is catalyzing the adoption of job quality practices by recognizing businesses that exceed industry standards and marketing them to consumers, translating their commitment to equitable employment into a visible part of their brands. Good Business Works also supports employers with targeted technical assistance and facilitated peer learning around building strategies for investing in their workers. Good Business Works’ current target industry sectors are retail, food services and home improvement. By working collectively to implement innovative employment strategies, we aim to set new business standards that create family-sustaining careers, strong local employers, and thriving communities.

For more information please contact Allie Busching, Business Development Coordinator at

If you know of a convening of workforce partners that is not listed here, please contact us to discuss inclusion.
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