Coordinated Workforce Strategies


Coordinated Workforce Strategies






This visual represents the vision for Baltimore’s citywide workforce system in 2020. Workforce partners from across the city came together to collaborate on a vision for a system that is well-aligned and focused on our collective commitment to improving outcomes for jobseekers and employers.

The top section represents our WHY: we are organizing ourselves in order to better connect jobseekers and employers to the services they need from a fully functional and aligned workforce system and in order to provide a clear path to success.

The bottom section shows the behind the scenes work of various partners engaging with each other and aligning their efforts to make the top section possible.

The center section represents workforce development partners coming together to use data to drive improvements in our strategies and outcomes for our jobseekers and employers.

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BWDB Strategic Priorities

  • Within 12-18 months, employers will be able to quickly access a small pool of vetted candidates and share their future employment needs with workforce partners to align Career and Technical Education with training programs to build a pipeline of workers.
  • Within 2-3 years, jobseekers will be able to access the full array of workforce services in-person through the One Stop Career Centers, by phone through United Way’s 211, and online through a web-based portal. A standardized assessment tool will be integrated into each access point, collecting the same data on all job seekers to improve the network’s ability to measure progress.
  • In 3-5 years, the Board will oversee a robust workforce development system that efficiently and effectively meets the needs of both end users of the workforce services – jobseekers and employers.