Workforce Systems Effectiveness Committee

Workforce Systems Effectiveness Committee

The Workforce Systems Effectiveness Committee (WSEC) develops and implements strategies to measure the performance of the workforce system. WSEC promotes the use of common performance metrics, a focus on population-level outcomes, and coordinated strategies among workforce funders.

Meetings are held in the first month of each quarter at MOED (417 E. Fayette Street, ste 468). Please see the calendar for exact dates and times.

Committee Chairs

Nancy Jordan Howard
Workforce System Effectiveness Co-Chair
Melanie Styles
Workforce System Effectiveness and Operations Committee Chair

Current Projects

The Workforce System Effectiveness Committee has developed a draft of Tier 1 Common Performance Metrics to be used by workforce funders in the city. The Committee will seek to have all workforce funders collect the same data using the same definitions in order to facilitate tracking the performance of the citywide workforce system.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.