The Baltimore Workforce Development Board divides its responsibility among seven committees. Each group has open meetings between quarterly Board meetings, has dedicated MOED staff assigned to them, and oversees/implements a part of the work of the board. For more information please contact the board liaison, Angel St. Jean.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee makes strategic decisions on behalf of the Board and presents new ideas and policies to the full Board.

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Business Engagement Committee

The Business Engagement Committee ensures the workforce system is responsive to employer needs.

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Communications Committee

The Communications Committee develops strategies to communicate the work of the Board and the workforce system.

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Operations Committee

The Operations Committee manages the contract between the BWDB and the organization that operates Baltimore’s One Stop Career Centers.

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Systems Building Committee

The Systems Building Committee creates the vision for the workforce system, develops strategies to build that system, and engages stakeholders in working together in new ways.

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Workforce Systems Effectiveness Committee

The Workforce Systems Effectiveness Committee (WSEC) identifies and tracks population-level outcomes of coordinated workforce activities.

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Youth Committee

The Youth Committee promotes the use of systems strategies among both in-school and out-of-school youth service providers, while contributing the youth perspective in all areas of the BWDB.

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Board and Committee Minutes

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Board Committee Meetings

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