About the Baltimore
Workforce Development Board

The Baltimore Workforce Development Board (BWDB) is made up of a majority of business leaders who oversee workforce development in Baltimore City, in conjunction with labor, workforce, education and philanthropy. They partner with a broad array of workforce stakeholders to ensure our combined efforts are well-coordinated, high-quality and impactful for jobseekers and employers. Peruse our site to learn more about current workforce efforts and how you can get involved.




The Baltimore Workforce Development Board envisions a city where every person maximizes his or her full employment potential and all employers have the human resources to grow and prosper.


The Baltimore Workforce Development Board, in collaboration with all key stakeholders will build a workforce development system that drives and supports the local economy.


The BWDB is administered by the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development (MOED). MOED is Baltimore City’s workforce development agency responsible for management and oversight of federal, state and city funds allocated for workforce development and for designing and implementing strategies that improve outcomes for jobseekers and employers.

To learn more about MOED please visit: https://moed.baltimorecity.gov/


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