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Executive Committee – Function: to exercise the authority of the Board in the management of the business and matters of the Board during intervals between board meetings.

Public Policy Committee – Function: identification of emerging policy issues associated with the workforce development system; advocacy on behalf of policies that are deemed to be beneficial for the City of Baltimore’s job market.

Workforce System Effectiveness Committee – Function: to continuously monitor and assess the effectiveness of Baltimore’s workforce system, research promising and effective practices; support the BWIB board, its committees and task forces in developing metrics that can measure progress as they work to achieve their respective goals.

Youth Committee – Function: youth strategic planning and system building; youth policy development and advocacy; program planning and development; resource mapping; youth opportunity implementation; collaboration with BCPSS in the promotion and development of school to career linkages.

Business Engagement with the Public Workforce System – Function: to evaluate the needs of businesses and identify ways the workforce system can deliver value-based employer services, e.g., manager training, funding for customized training; cost/benefit analysis of workforce development strategies; a universal, business-driven vocabulary for workforce-related issues; facilitation of collaborative efforts between workforce partners from the educational, public and private sectors.

Transportation Committee – Function: to monitor and assess the effectiveness of the Baltimore region's transportation network in meeting the BWIB's goals for workforce development in Baltimore City; research new and effective transportation initiatives that promote workforce development; and to support the BWIB board, its committees and task forces, in gathering pertninent transportation-related information that can inform its decision making and promote its mission.