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The Baltimore Workforce Development Board envisions a city where every person maximizes his or her full employment potential and all employers have the human resources to grow and prosper.


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The Baltimore Workforce Development Board, in collaboration with all key stakeholders, most importantly business, will build a workforce development system that drives and supports the local economy.

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Standing at the cultural and geographic heart of Maryland, the City of Baltimore is developing into one of the nation’s most dynamic and vibrant cities. With an economy built around world-class research institutions, top-ranked financial services firms, and one of the nations’ busiest ports, Baltimore stands poised to be an international leader in the emerging 21st century economy.

To build that economy, Baltimore needs a well-trained workforce with skills that match the needs of our local employers. This is where the Mayoral-appointed Baltimore Workforce Development Board, in partnership with the Mayor's Office of Employment Development, plays a central role. The Board and MOED work dutifully to develop a public workforce system that can drive Baltimore toward sustained prosperity.

Through action, influence and thoughtful planning, Board members – comprised of leaders representing Baltimore businesses and industries – promote synergy and communication among all of the region’s workforce partners. Working with employers and policy makers, the Board identifies successful career pipelines within the city’s growth industries. Partnering with the Mayor’s Office and the non-profit community, we target isolated and unrepresented areas where job growth has stalled. At all times we act as a convener and advocate, bringing stakeholders together and working to ensure that our precious resources – financial, social, and cultural – are leveraged for the betterment of both the employers and employees who work or live in Baltimore.

I hope you join us in our efforts and encourage you to learn more about the Board and Baltimore’s workforce development system. Please always feel free to give us your thoughts and suggestions by emailing Angel St. Jean, MOED’s staff support for the Board, at

Andrew Bertamini
Regional President, Wells Fargo
Chair, Baltimore Workforce Development Board

Baltimore Workforce Development Board
417 E. Fayette Street, Suite 468 | Baltimore, Maryland 21202 | Voice: 410-396-1910